Biomass Boiler Magnon, Huelva (ES)

Overview Boiler Data Boiler Design: vertical with two-drums-vertical evaporator and vertical economizerSteam Flow: 105 t/h @ 68 bar/ 485°CDimensions: 18.9 m H x 4.5 m W x 10.7m L (excl. economizer in a separate section)Fuel / Boiler Type: Biomass/Fluidized bedSPG in Operation since: 1 EG10XL from November 2019, upstream of… Read More

Biomass Boiler Sangüesa

Overview Boiler Data Boiler Design: vertical 3-pass boiler with external EcoSteam Flow: 115 t/h  at 530°C / 80 barBoiler Width: 9 mFuel: Biomass-cereal straw 100%SPG in Operation since: June 2019 / 2x Type EG10XLShock Pulse Interval: 1 SP/h Improvement of the Cleaning Process The availability of the plant has considerably… Read More

Biomass Plant Ciudad Real, Enemansa

Overview Biomass 3 pass boiler (outdoor)65.8 t/h steam capacityFuel: Oruillo (solid residue derived product from olive pressing)1st pass: W 4.3 x L 6.9 m x H 16 m1 EG10XL installed at first pass 07/2018Temperature at SPG installation position: ~1100 °CShock Pulse (SP) Interval: 1 SP / 1.5 hoursOther cleaning equipment… Read More