Copper Smelter Aurubis (BG)

Overview Boiler Data Boiler Design: Horizontal (twin type design)Steam Flow: 65 t/h @ 48 bar saturated steam Dimensions: 12 m H x 6 m W x 45 m total length Fuel / Boiler Type: Waste heat boiler installed after flash copper smelter furnace SPG in Operation since: 4 EG10L from 2016,… Read More

RDF BFB Boiler Linz

Overview 90 t/h steam capacity, BFB boiler5th pass: W 5.9m (rectangular to tubes) x L 3.9m x H 35mbundles: Pitch H/V/tube Dia x t; bundle height SH1.1-1.4: 100 / 100 / D38mm; 1.9 m SH2.1-2.2: 100 / 100 / D38mm; 1.9 m Eco 1-6: 100 / 100 / D38 x… Read More


Overview 24 t/h steam capacity per boiler3rd pass: W 5 x L 1.8 m x H 10 mbundles: Pitch H/V/tube Da x t; bundle height PSH2: 130 / av. 80 / 38 x 5 mm; ca. 0.9 m FSH1: 140 / av. 80 / 38 x 5 mm; 0.9 m… Read More

Biomass Boiler Silbitz

Overview 28 t/h steam capacity, 46 bar, 425°C4 pass vertical boilerBoiler width: 3.9m; 3rd pass: W3.9xL2.2mBundle height: 0.7 / 1.9 / 1.9 / 1 m4 x EG10, since 10/2011 (1st pass; 2nd pass;3rd pass: below SH1; 4th pass: middle of pass)Very positive cleaning effect in 1st pass: large build up… Read More

Biomass Boiler Nesle

Overview 110 t/h steam capacity (83 MW), 16MWel, process heat and cooling water for adjacent industryFuel: natural woodDimensions ECO bundles: W 6.5m x L 2.5m x H 1.5m -PT 76mm, PL 73mm, tube diameter 31.8mm Finn geometry: 120mm x 70mm rectangular fin plates connecting two tubes Distance between fins: 19mm… Read More

Industrial Boiler Aomori

Overview Energy from Waste Plant, incinerating 120’000 t/y shredding residues, sewage sludge and medical wasteShredding residues originate from recycling of cars, trains, industrial wastes, household appliances, etcThe plant consists of a fluidized bed gasifier, an ash melting furnace and a boilerMetals (Fe, Al, Cu), vitrified glass and fly ash are… Read More

WtE Plant IPTOK Poznan

Overview 2 WtE boilers, each 31.5 MWth2 x 38 t/h steam flow, 61.5 bar, 422°CFuel: Municipal Solid Waste3rd pass width 5.6 m / 4th pass width 5.4 mCommissioning date 04/2016The third and fourth pass of this boiler are cleaned only by Shock Pulse Generators: 3 EG10XL for 6 Superheaters at… Read More

Coal Fired Power Plant Gheco One, Rayong

Overview Boiler Data 660 MWe, supercritical boiler2079 t/h steam flow, 243 bar, 568°CFuel: Sub-bituminous coal3rd pass width 24.4 m4 x Shock Pulse Generator TwinL at 3rd passcommissioned 04/2018Shock Pulse IntervaI: 1h / TwinLSPGs operate in addition to existing sootblowers bycleaning the third pass with primary reheater,primary superheater and economizer2nd phase,… Read More

EfW Boiler (B1&B2) Tyseley

Overview 2 units of 4-pass horizontal boiler,Steam capacity: 65 t/hBoiler width: 5m04/2010: 2x EG10 for testing,Since 03/2011, per boiler: 4x EG10Since 05/2014 and 10/2014, per boiler: 5x EG10Rapping system completely stoppedCleaning efficiency goodConsiderable improvements:availability increasedWater consumption decreasedElectricity production increasedIntermediate cleanings reducedPlant supplier: Fisia Babcock (Steinmueller)Plant operator: Veolia Environmental Services… Read More

RDF Boiler Schwedt

Overview 155 t/h steam, 70 bar, 470°C2nd pass: Width 7 x Length 4.7m, flag shape evaporators, partition 1.0 m, 2 EG10XL, 05/2016Horizontal pass: Width 6.5 m 2 EG10L, 05/2015 + 1 EG10XL, 05/2016; rapping system in operationEconomizer: Width 7.7 x Length 5.5m, 2 EG10L, 05/2015 + 1 EG10XL, 05/2016Good cleaning… Read More