Announcement EP-VALMET

We are happy to announce our new distribution partner Valmet, who will take over and expand the activities from our former US distribution partner KEPS-SPG.

Valmet is an established global supplier with over 220 years of experience in the paper industry, especially for black liquor boilers, and in the power industry. More than 17,500 people work for Valmet worldwide.

It’s corporate structure is organized around five business lines and five geographical areas. The business lines are Services, Pulp and Energy, Paper, Automation Systems, and Flow Control. The areas are North America, South America, EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa), Asia Pacific, and China. The areas are responsible for sales, providing services that meet customers’ needs and support of project deliveries in their respective regions.

Explosion Power’s Shock Pulse Generators will help further expand Valmet’s product portfolio for boiler-specific services and equipment in the field of boiler cleaning.

Our Shock Pulse Generators (SPG) are online boiler cleaning devices that generate automated shock pulses (SP) by burning gas mixtures under pre-pressure. This innovative technology has been proven in more than 1000 installations in more than 20 countries since 2009. Plant operators have reported significantly longer boiler uptime and higher efficiency, leading to sustainable and economical plant operation. We are excited about this significant expansion of our distributor network to support a fast-growing number of customers in boiler optimization.