Easy commissioning of the Shock Pulse Generators thanks to standardized final test procedures

The final test procedure of the Shock Pulse Generators from Explosion Power GmbH ensures a safe and smooth commissioning. In the final test facility, each Shock Pulse Generator is tested for functionality by an expert employee before delivery and the quality is certified.

What exactly is being tested?

Once the Shock Pulse Generator has been prepared for an order together with the control cabinet and valve panel, it is installed in the final test facility to check operation. The appropriate software is installed on the control cabinet, which is then used for online control. The display of the control cabinet shows various key figures such as pressure, temperature, maintenance requirements and error messages. These key figures are checked again during the final inspection to ensure that the display is accurate. The language and cycle of the Shock Pulse can also be selected on the display. The wiring of the valve panel is also checked and cycles (Shock Pulses) are performed. These cycles are used to simulate commissioning at the customer’s site and thus confirm functionality. The final test report ensures that no test point is forgotten and certifies that each Shock Pulse Generator has been tested according to specifications and standards.

What does the declaration of conformity say?

After successful final testing, the declaration of conformity is issued. This confirms that the product complies with the regulations according to the PED Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and receives a CE marking.  This is regularly checked and confirmed by the testing company DEKRA. The certificate is provided electronically or printed.

Shock Pulse Generator
Facts and figures
Number of monthly final testsAverage 15
Globally active SPGs800
Number of countries with active SPGsOver 30
Number of distributors worldwide15

Who conducts final tests?

Production employees of Explosion Power GmbH perform the final tests in the internal final test facility. They bring with them a sound technical understanding and knowledge of electrical engineering and are trained internally on the final test procedure. They are characterized by their precise and quality-conscious work. A smooth process confirms the work that has gone before and motivates the employees to keep the standards high.

Timo Kleeb, Production Employee Explosion Power GmbH

«Seeing how the different components come together to make a working product, makes final testing an interesting and important part of my work»

Timo Kleeb,
Production Employee Explosion Power GmbH