800 MWe Hard Coal Power Plant (supporting tube bundle)



  • 800 MWe
  • 90% hard coal , 10% brown coal + sewage sludge + animal meal
  • W 22m x L 14m x H 110m
  • Test with 7 Shock Pulse Generators (SPG) EG10XXL, 24.10.2013 – 31.01.2014, for right half of boiler, at supporting tube bundle, elevation +64m (German: “Tragrohrschott”)
  • Simultaneous Shock Pulses at Interval of 40 minutes
  • Cleaning effect of SPGs clearly visible
  • SPGs can prevent large buildup of slag; thus eliminate the risk of large slag blocks falling down by their own weight and damaging the lower part of the boiler
  • A second test was started at the economizer bundle at elevation +90m

Supporting tube bundle, section of left half of boiler, cleaned with soot blowers: Deposits visible as white surfaces; bridges occur between tubes; risk for boiler damage, if large size deposits fall down


Supporting tube bundle, Section of right half of furnace, cleaned with Shock Pulse Generators:
Very small amount of deposits on individual tubes; no bridges between tubes; no risk for boiler damage, if small size deposits fall down