Biomass Boiler (Swiss Krono), Heiligengrabe



Boiler Data

  • Boiler Design: Vertical 3 pass-boiler with external Eco
  • Steam Flow: 88 t/h at 450°C/65 bar
  • Boiler With: 4.5 m
  • Fuel: Natural wood Category A1/A2
  • SPG in Operation since: January 2016
  • Shock Pulse Interval: 1 SP every 8 hours

Improvement of the Cleaning Process

  • Plugging of the water-cooled grid between the first and the second boiler pass is eliminated
  • The cleaning efficiency is very satisfactory and the cleaning process is automated
  • Availability of the boiler operation has been significantly improved

Plant Supplier: Aalborg Energie Technik a/s, / DK

Plant Operator: Swiss Krono Heiligengrabe/DE