MSW Boiler Zuchwil



  • 32 t/h steam production at 38 bar, 375°C; boiler width horizontal pass 3’120mm
  • 1x Shock Pulse Generator EG10XL, since 30.03.2015
  • Boiler operation period fixed at 4 month (4 lines which run in parallel); before SPG installation reduce boiler load to keep the outlet temperature in a permissible range; afterwards boiler load can be kept constant; reduced fouling at bundles in horizontal 4th pass
  • Plant supplier: HZ Inova
  • Plant operator: KEBAG
explosion-power-eg10xl-shock-pulse-generator-boiler-line-4-Zuchwil-msw boiler-installation

Heavy fouling in horizontal pass (here between EVAP and SH2);
clogging of SH1 bundle occurs regularly


Fouling can be controlled
No clogging of bundles over whole boiler operation period (4 month)


Pictures concerning installation