MSW Boiler Zurich



  • 52 t/h steam flow, 40 bar, 420°C
  • Boiler width 7.2 m
  • The 3rd pass contains a separation wall in the middle of the pass
  • 1 x Shock Pulse Generator TwinL, since 30.11.2015; at 2nd pass
  • Good cleaning effect at 2nd an 3rd pass, significantly lower flue gas temperature at inlet to horizontal pass; reduced fouling at heat exchanger bundles, boiler can be operated in overload easily during high district heat demand
  • During maintenance stop: reduced standstill period, less blasting material for disposal
  • Plant supplier: ABB Enertech AG
  • Plant operator: Fernwaerme Zurich AG

The Shock Pulse Generator TwinL is mounted at the 2nd pass and cleans the 2nd and 3rd pass.


Impressions of the reference plant