Waste Heat Boiler – Cokenergy, Chicago



  • Waste heat boiler with 48 t/h (107 klbs/h) steam capacity processing waste heat from heat recovery coke ovens; boiler width 2.3m
  • Finned tube design of EVAP and ECO located downstream SH
  • Each boiler cleaned solely by 2xEG10L SPG installed upstream SH and ECO (Shock Pulse Interval = 2h)
  • Replaced 12 x steam soot blowers per boiler (type T20, D5E) – saved 2.5 t/day of steam per boiler
  • Trial run performed in 2016/2017 on boiler D3 – delivered SPGs for battery A to C (in total 12 boilers) since then
  • OEM waste heat boiler: Nooter/Eriksen (commissioned 1998)
  • Operator: Cokenergy (SunCoke, USA)

Impressions to the reference plant