Explosion Power

With our approved online boiler cleaning technology for large boiler systems, we’re reducing slagging and fouling in your steam generators. This innovative Shock Pulse technology enables you to achieve longer operating periods, higher system availability and lower maintenance and operating costs!

Over 600 installed Shock Pulse Generators are keeping critical boiler areas of waste, industrial, coal-fired power plants and process plants permanently clean!

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Patented technology, Swiss Made

At present more than 600 Shock Pulse Generators in 20+ countries are in operation – additional Generators are commissioned each month.

Worldwide Presence

Together with our partners we can assure worldwide distribution and want to continuously increase our market presence.


Boiler fouling cases and the online cleaning systems

Each combustion of organic substances produces particles, which are discharged with the flue gas. These particles, called fly ash, fly through the boiler with the flue gas and settle down on the inner boiler walls and the heat exchanger tubes of the boiler. This results in a reduction of the heat transfer. These contaminants are removed by means of various cleaning systems. The most important automatic online cleaning methods are described below.



«The SPGs have allowed us to maintain more consistent superheat temperatures as inlet gas temperatures from our waste heat gas vary.  In addition, the SPGs have been able to maintain a clear gas path through waste heat module bundles that the original sootblowers were not able to reach. »

Keith C. Kaufman

General Manager
Cokenergy LLC

«Thanks to the Shock Pulse Generators, we have been able to increase our maintenance interval from 12 to 18 months.»

Markus Benz

Mechanical Maintenance and Logistics Manager
Renergia Zentralschweiz AG

«By using the Shock Pulse Generator, the interval of online cleaning with explosives could be significantly extended.»

Thomas Gabler

Deputy Head of Department Ongoing Operations
Zweckverband für Abfallwirtschaft Kempten

«The Shock Pulse Generators have reduced our online cleaning costs by two thirds.»

Andree Michaelis

Plant Manager
Wood-fi­red power plant Silbitz GmbH & Co.KG

«Since 2011, we are able to operate the two incinerator lines on full load without any blockages due to the installed Shock Pulse Generators.»

Jürgen van der Westen

Maintenance Manager ReEnergy
SUEZ Recycling and Recovery Netherlands

«The Shock Pulse Generator enables us to run our district heat production on maximum performance all day long.»

Bernhard Dettwiler

Managing Director
Fernwärme Zürich AG