building Explosion Power GmbH

We are Explosion Power, a medium-sized Swiss company, specialized in the development and manufacture of equipment for cleaning power plant boilers. Our patented Shock Pulse process enables us to achieve the highest cleaning efficiency, thus enabling our customers to achieve a significant increase in returns.

Explosion Power GmbH was founded in 2009. In 2016, the company was 100% taken over by Martin GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik.


Dipl.-Ing., born 1968, held different leading positions in an international plant supply company for the steelmaking industry. Before he changed to Explosion Power he was the founder and managing shareholder of an engineering and R+D company for thermal process plants.
Dipl.-Ing., born 1957, was previously in the project management of thermal large-scale installations, the control engineering and then worked in different leading positions as an international responsible Profit Center-, Chief Sales Officer and Managing Director in the industrial combustion plant engineering.
Dipl.-Ing. ETH (Ph.D; M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering), born 1967, was among other positions Product Manager, Technology Director and Managing Director at international turn-key suppliers in the field of energy and environmental technology.

Division managers

Christian Mosbeck

Sales and Marketing

Claudio Giorno

Quality Management and Organisation

Manuel Ragonesi

Finance and Administration

Marc Hangartner

Technology and Development

Not-Curdin Fried

Project Management and Service

Pasqual Müller

Procurement and Production