Biomass Boiler (Ref. 2)



Boiler Data

  • Boiler Design: vertical 3-pass boiler with external Eco
  • Steam Flow: 115 t/h  at 530°C / 80 bar
  • Boiler Width: 9 m
  • Fuel: Biomass-cereal straw 100%
  • SPG in Operation since: June 2019 / 2x Type EG10XL
  • Shock Pulse Interval: 1 SP/h

Improvement of the Cleaning Process

  • The availability of the plant has considerably improved from originally 4 to 18 months due to the installed SPGs.  
  • Cleaning effect proved to full satisfaction. No need for any operated soot blowers. Optimization undertaken together with Explosion Power

Significant Improvements:

  • No manual cleanings were executed during the mentioned operation time in the critical areas (as for SH1, SH2, Economizer and air-gas preheater)
  • Operator recommends the SPGs for similar application

Boiler graphic installation Shock Pulse Generator Biomass Sangüesa