Biomass Plant (Ref. 3)



  • Biomass 3 pass boiler (outdoor)
  • 65.8 t/h steam capacity
  • Fuel: Oruillo (solid residue derived product from olive pressing)
  • 1st pass: W 4.3 x L 6.9 m x H 16 m
  • 1 EG10XL installed at first pass 07/2018
  • Temperature at SPG installation position: ~1100 °C
  • Shock Pulse (SP) Interval: 1 SP / 1.5 hours
  • Other cleaning equipment in furnace: 12 wall steam soot blowers
  • Cleaning efficiency is very good so that the operator ENCE decided to install a further EG10XL in another similar plant
  • Cleaning improvements: 10 wall steam soot blowers are shut off. 2 wall soot blowers are rarely, every several days in operation

Boiler graphic installation Shock Pulse Generator Biomass Enemansa
Biomass boiler Enemansa Shock Pulse Generator
Biomass boiler Enemansa Shock Pulse Generator