Copper Smelter



Boiler Data

  • Boiler Design: Horizontal (twin type design)
  • Steam Flow: 65 t/h @ 48 bar saturated steam
  • Dimensions: 12 m H x 6 m W x 45 m total length
  • Fuel / Boiler Type: Waste heat boiler installed after flash copper smelter furnace
  • SPG in Operation since: 4 EG10L from 2016, additionally 2 EG10XL from January 2022. All in the convective section
  • Shock Pulse Interval: Approx. 1 SP/h, adapted by operator;
  • SPGs are combined with existing mechanical rapping system

Significant Improvements of the Cleaning Process

Cleaning effect very good, gas exit temperature  reduced from 450°C by 20K after the 2016-installation

  • Throughput production increased by over 20% even since the installation in 2016
  • Equalizing of the gas exit temperature since 2022
  • Operator is very satisfied with the SPGs

Boiler graphic installation Shock Pulse Generator Copper Smelter Aurubis
Copper smelter Aurubis

Reduction of average flue gas temperature by 20 K by EG10L

Diagram reduction of average flue gas temperature by Shock Pulse Generator

The four Shock Pulse Generators EG10L achieve an average flue gas temperature reduction of 20K,  since their commissioning in 2016.

The chart shows the result before the installation of the additional 2 EG10XL in January 2022.

Flue gas temperature further reduced by two additional EG10XL

Diagram flue gas temperature further reduced by Shock Pulse Generator

The two additional Shock Pulse Generators EG10XL achieve a further reduction of average flue gas temperature, since their commissioning in January 2022. And the temperature fluctuations are reduced.

Small space requirement is advantageous, for retrofit and new build projects

Installed Shock Pulse Generator example image
Installed Shock Pulse Generator EG10XL,
as an example

Illustration of the EG10L and EG10XL types installed in the plant, which slightly differ only in the dimensions of the combustion cylinder.