Industrial Boiler



  • Energy from Waste Plant, incinerating 120’000 t/y shredding residues, sewage sludge and medical waste
  • Shredding residues originate from recycling of cars, trains, industrial wastes, household appliances, etc
  • The plant consists of a fluidized bed gasifier, an ash melting furnace and a boiler
  • Metals (Fe, Al, Cu), vitrified glass and fly ash are recycled after gasification / incineration, additional to Energy recovery
  • 2 boilers, each 45 t/h steam capacity
  • 30 x Shock Pulse Generators EG10/ EG10L are in operation since 11/2013 (Line B) and 12/2013 (Line A)
  • Plant owner and operator: Aomori RER (SEINAN Corporation)
explosion-power-boiler-overview-shock-pulse-generator-boiler graphic-installation

Improved boiler operation with Shock Pulse Generators:

  • Shredding residues are known to create very heavy fouling, even when co-incinerated in rather small amount together with other wastes
  • In the Aomori plant, shredding residues are the main fuel
  • The boiler design and the boiler cleaning equipment were optimized several times, based on the experience collected during operation, since the plant was commissioned in 2000
  • From 2007 till 2013 manual explosion cleaning was applied on a weekly basis, whereby the average steam production during one year of operation was increased by approximately 4% compared to cleaning by soot blowers
  • 30 Shock Pulse Generators EG10/EG10L, 15 per boiler, were commissioned in Nov. 2013 (Line B) and Dec. 2013 (Line A)
  • The beneficial cleaning effect of the SPG’s leads to lower flue gas temperatures, higher average steam production during one year of operation (approx. 4% increase compared to manual explosion cleaning) and strongly reduced number of manual explosion cleaning interventions (less than once per month at selected places  instead of every week at all bundles).
  • The cleaning effect was further optimized by changing from straight discharge tubes to Laval Nozzles DN125.

Comparision with MSWI Incineration (Municipal Solid Waste Incineration):

  • Boiler fouling is less heavy at Municipal Solid Waste Incineration plants. Therefore, MSWI boilers equipped with Shock Pulse Generators need less SPG units than the Aomori plant.

Shock Pulse Generator EG10L


Valve Panels for 2 Shock Pulse Generators

valve panels-shock-pulse-generator

Control Cabinet EG106 for
6 Shock Pulse Generators

control cabinet-eg10-for-6-shock-pulse-generators

Gas Supply

gas supply-shock-pulse-generator

Impressions of the reference plant