Overview 24 t/h steam capacity per boiler3rd pass: W 5 x L 1.8 m x H 10 mbundles: Pitch H/V/tube Da x t; bundle height PSH2: 130 / av. 80 / 38 x 5 mm; ca. 0.9 m FSH1: 140 / av. 80 / 38 x 5 mm; 0.9 m… Read More

MSW Boiler Lucerne (Perlen)

Overview 2 boilers with 58 t/h steam flow per unit, since 2015.Capacity increase to 70 t/h in 2020 (120% of the original design)Boiler width 5.5 m6x Shock Pulse Generator EG10L, since 01/2015 (3 per boiler), enable to maintain a constant RG temperature at the inlet to the horizontal pass, even… Read More

MSW Boiler Line 4, Zuchwil

Overview 32 t/h steam production at 38 bar, 375°C; boiler width horizontal pass 3’120mm1x Shock Pulse Generator EG10XL, since 30.03.2015Boiler operation period fixed at 4 month (4 lines which run in parallel); before SPG installation reduce boiler load to keep the outlet temperature in a permissible range; afterwards boiler load… Read More

MSW Boiler Zurich

Overview 52 t/h steam flow, 40 bar, 420°CBoiler width 7.2 mThe 3rd pass contains a separation wall in the middle of the pass1 x Shock Pulse Generator TwinL, since 30.11.2015; at 2nd passGood cleaning effect at 2nd an 3rd pass, significantly lower flue gas temperature at inlet to horizontal pass;… Read More